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If your dog has successfully completed Phases 1 & 2, he's now prepared to be off the leash while you are continually supervising him. Your dog is left by do NOT alone during this stage. It's maybe not uncommon for the dog to associate the training together with his leash, or to the instructor, and he may keep the garden when these conditions change. Retrieve your pet, if that occurs, remove his collar and go back to the lawn. Often times, canine will run back in the safe area of the property by herself. If you should be not able to retrieve him quickly, change the transmitter off to ensure that they can return without receiving a correction.

After six days of constantly supervising your pet while off the lead, you can begin to leave him alone for short periods of time. Slowly, within the a few weeks, begin accumulating enough time your puppy is left unattended.

Some dogs will want to stay near the house or might be hesitant to go outside. Before your dog is comfortable to do this alone It may take a few days. Play with him, If that's the case, take your pet to the safe area and give some meat to him treats and give him lots of praise to show him that it is safe to be outside.

Recall, if your dog isn't properly and fully trained to the dog barrier - it'll not work. You can not progress from stage to the next without having to be sure that your puppy has fully recognized the previous stage. Spend enough time to incorporate a few extra days on a stage before proceeding, If you are unsure. Remember - these electric dog walls are NOT a miracle cure, they cannot physically restrain a dog from making a property. Your dog should be correctly trained to the system (up to 30 days) for the dog fence to work. If you are reluctant or uncertain about teaching the dog your self, we suggest consulting a reputable Professional Trainer who has experence with electeronic dog walls. Or, your neighborhood PetSafe Professional seller.

EVENTUALLY - Fourteen days after your pet can safely be left outside unattended, you could begin removing the training banners. Pull every other hole daily until most of the flags are removed. It is possible to show your puppy just how to safely walk over the boundary - that is called "Doorway training" after the flags are gone. Take away the dog fence collar and place him on a lead employing a flat or slip collar. Encourage your pet to follow along with you by encouraging him and praising him. Most dogs will undoubtedly be unlikely, but you must be persistent. Your dog is allowed by do NOT to "bolt through" the signal field. Teach him it's safe to cross with you while he's on a leash. Make use of a release word such as for instance " FREE.". Both leave the garden and be consistent and re-enter it at the same level every time. Ultimately your pet will associate the leash with leaving properly. site

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„Na světě je zavedeno, že spousta hloupých si hraje na chytré. Z chytrých, kterých je na světě nedostatek, jen ti nejchytřejší si hrají na hloupé.“ Jan Werich